Instructional Design Division

Aurora Creative Learning Solutions, Inc. (ACLS) is proud to deliver quality customized digital instructional products for a variety of learners. The platform we use features interactive activities with an intuitive user interface that will keep users engaged with the material.


Users are able to access content any time on a device of their choice (phone, tablet, computer, etc.) through a web-based platform with no software download required. With over 15 years of experience in education, including instruction of young children through adult learners, we strive to provide quality, engaging and accessible instruction. Schedule a consultation for full pricing and a project proposal.

Working Together on Project

Security & Accessibility

Platform is automatically GDPR security compliant. Platform supports or partially supports WCAG 2.1 A accessibility guidelines and is partially compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA. Accessibility improvements are consistently being made by the vendor and additional supports are available from ACLS upon request.


Interaction & Media Options (Examples)

  • Accessible across multiple device types (automatically adapts)

  • Custom content (images, etc.) or stock images

  • ACLS-designed graphics

  • Sorting activities

  • Labeled graphics/diagrams

  • Attached files

  • Links to resources

  • Assessments and Quizzing

  • Process, Timeline & Accordion Blocks

  • Interactive scenarios

  • Copy lessons to multiple courses

  • Learning paths, grouping, individual courses

  • Videos, pictures, audio files, graphics

  • Captioning and transcription

If you have questions about a feature, let us know during your consultation!


Project Phases

​The instructional design process has 4 primary phases:

  1. Initial Proposal Phase: ACLS works with the client to determine needs and provide a plan for services.

  2. Development Phase: ACLS supports the client in providing subject-matter expert content (i.e. powerpoint slides, images, video, other media) to be included and develops a digital interactive learning module using evidence-based instructional methods and interactive technology to provide high quality training/instruction.

  3. Alpha Testing Phase: In this 14-day phase, the client will complete a supported and structured internal review of the material and request edits. If ACLS is not providing hosting services, the final material will be provided to the client at the end of the alpha testing phase.

  4. Beta Testing Phase: If ACLS is hosting the instructional module within our LMS system, the client will begin the 30-day beta testing phase for an external review, including client participation at a 50% reduced rate.


At the end of the beta testing phase, the module will be launched at the full hosting rate.​


Hosting, Reporting & Data Analysis Services

  • Hosting on ACLS Platform: Includes unlimited course hosting & management within an LMS (learning management system) to include troubleshooting technology issues & course maintenance (ongoing edits, updates, etc.). 

  • Monthly Reporting: Monthly report includes a basic data report from the system with no interpretation, analysis or recommendations. This is automatically generated for clients who host their module through ACLS and will be delivered by the 10th of each month.

  • Quarterly Data Analysis: Clients may opt-in to a quarterly interpretation/analysis of course data & recommendations.

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