PK-12 Curricular Programming

Coming in Fall 2022! Our PK-12 Curricular Programming is our flagship program & the reason why ACLS was founded. When launched, our programming will provide an innovative & fully virtual approach to education founded on principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to meet the needs of both neurodivergent & neurotypical learners through an Independent Learning Growth Plan (ILGP). As we build over time, courses will be available for learners from early childhood through early adult self-advocacy. Self-advocates may transition into the Family Empowerment Institute as appropriate. Click here to view our process map

Flipped Classroom Model

Our programming features a self-paced flipped-classroom model of Interactive Online Learning Modules designed by our founder and staff with evidence-based practices such as visual supports, scaffolding, & skills training. Some of our curriculum is proprietary and for others, we contract with vetted curriculum & academic supplement providers, structuring with appropriate supports, to provide unique, integrative learning with a variety of interaction & perspectives.

Learners will meet one-on-one and in small-group sessions with Independent Learning Coaches in their targeted curricular areas to practice skill development. A coach's primary duty is to assist with skill assessment, additional practice, & working with learners to master material in a one-on-one or small-group setting. 

Arts & Crafts
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Teaming, Training, Data

This is not the virtual learning you saw during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic! We provide intentional training and support to parents and non-traditional caregivers with our Parent or Caregiver Partner Coaching program and our Family Empowerment Institute. There are regular opportunities for families & learners to provide feedback on content, accessibility, inclusion, cultural diversity & much more. We approach learning with a growth mindset & want to build stronger learners, stronger families & stronger educators.​

Our staff provides data-driven decision-making & quarterly progress reviews focusing on proficiency and rigor at each learner's level and customized programming. We also can team with caregivers to provide data for IEP and 504 plan meetings. We help make the data meaningful to help you advocate for your child.