Aimee C. Rodriguez, MA (she/her)
Chief Executive Officer, Director of Curriculum & Programming

Aimee C. Rodriguez has served the field of education for over fifteen years as a volunteer, paraeducator, substitute and teacher. As a certified educator in early childhood special education, cross-categorical special education, elementary and middle school education, music, English language arts, social studies, science and basic mathematics, Aimee has the diverse portfolio to adapt curriculum and make accommodations through Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to meet a variety of learner needs. Aimee has worked in large districts of 40k+ students in Oregon to small Alaskan village schools of <100 students, in addition to nearly a half decade of work as an Autism Resource Education Specialist for the State of Alaska. In this role, Aimee also launched the inaugural Online Autism Conference in Alaska and served as coordinator for each of 4 annual conferences as well as taught 8 autism-related courses as an adjunct professor through the University of Alaska Anchorage Professional and Continuing Education program.


Aimee holds a B.A. in Music Education & Theory Composition, an M.A. in Teaching with a focus in elementary/middle education and a post-graduate endorsement in special education. In 2021, Aimee will complete her graduate certificate in applied behavior analysis. She is in the midst of a music therapy equivalency program, working towards national board certification as a music therapist. In addition, Aimee is working towards completion of national board certifications in special education, advocacy in special education, and inclusive education specialist, as well as educator certifications for Apple, Google and Microsoft platforms, and the Universal Design for Learning credentials.


Aimee has taught ​or provided support ​in a variety of ​settings,​ including self-contained, inclusion support, general education, general and ensemble music PreK-12, applied private music study and learning camps. She has worked with students at every grade level from birth through adulthood. Aimee's work has not just been in the classroom. She also has experience with remote learning, parent training and support, staff professional development, data analysis, curriculum design, educational technology leadership, grant coordination and administrative management. Aimee is also a military spouse & understands the unique nature of service families & their need for consistency in education. Our company was built to provide for your unique needs, whether a family, learner or educator!


She currently serves as the President & international Representative Assembly for the Alaska Council for Exceptional Children & as secretary of the Alaska Statewide Special Education Conference Association Board. Aimee is multi-passionate. When not teaching or supporting families, Aimee works as musician & internationally-performed music composer at Rodriguez Creative Studios, LLC.

To book Aimee for speaking engagements or 1:1 consultation, please visit www.aimeecrodriguez.com.